Winterize Your Yard

  • Shut off and blow out your irrigation system with compressed air to avoid costly underground damage and water loss from lines freezing and cracking.
  • Use dry leaves to mulch – they provide a natural, nutrient-rich compost that holds water through the winter months.
  • Consider aerating and fertilizing your turf before it freezes to create a strong, easily watered root system and accelerate greening next spring.
  • Manually water your trees and shrubs with a hose during dry spells in the winter.

Security District’s Water Plan

The Security Water District Board of Directors has approved an outdoor watering plan that includes progressive stages of watering restrictions. These outdoor watering restrictions will only be implemented when necessary to meet unusually high demand or when supplies are curtailed during drought or system emergencies.

Security Water's watering restrictions end this Saturday Sept. 30. Thank you for your cooperation! ...

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