El Paso County Water Plan

The El Paso County Water Master Plan…..

Security District’s Water Plan

The Security Water District Board of Directors has approved an outdoor watering plan that includes progressive stages of watering restrictions. These outdoor watering restrictions will only be implemented when necessary to meet unusually high demand or when supplies are curtailed during drought or system emergencies.

We have received questions about why rates increase and wanted to share the reason for periodic increases.

2018 water rates were set based on a survey by an outside rates expert who analyzed the costs incurred by the District to provide reliable water service to our customers. One of the reasons our current water rates are higher is due the cost of switching to 100 percent surface water due to the contamination discovered in our groundwater. Surface water is more expensive than groundwater. It costs more to transport that water (from the mountains) and treat that water to drinking water standards.

Our 2019 wastewater rates were also set using a rate study by an outside expert. The reason wastewater rates have increased is that the District needs to upgrade an aging treatment plant to meet current and future regulatory standards. You can read more about the need to upgrade in this month’s bill insert.

Whether future water and wastewater rates will decrease (or increase) will be determined by future rate studies, which are generally conducted every three years and reviewed every year to account for changing conditions.

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