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For the first 30 years of operation, we primarily supplied water from groundwater wells that had been used to irrigate farms. As the need for more water in our community grew, we began purchasing surface water stored in Pueblo Reservoir in 1985. Surface water comes from streams, rivers and lakes. Currently, all the water we deliver to customers is surface water from Pueblo Reservoir, and it meets all federal and state regulatory standards.

Historically, we used a combination of water from 25 groundwater wells and surface water to serve our customers. We shut down our groundwater wells in 2016 due to water quality concerns and will not use the wells again until treatment is implemented.

We transport surface water from Pueblo Reservoir through two infrastructure systems: the Fountain Valley Authority and the Southern Delivery System. The water is piped to treatment plants in Colorado Springs where it is purified before it travels through our distribution system to homes and businesses.